Reflections is based around LGBT issues. It is meant to educate and inpsire, showing audiences all the perspectives of those related to members of the LGBT community; specifically, someone in the transgender community.

Reflections is largely based on certain life events that were experienced by Vince Gau (lyrics, book), as a transgender male who grew up in a small, conservative town. The story began to find its musical roots when Bálint Varga (music, book) took the reigns of composing for the show.

While the main purpose of the Reflections is to educate and inspire, it also serves to make the audience feel loved, understood, and give hope to those struggling with their own identity.



Reflections is the story of Anne, a freshman in college, who isn't sure where she's going in life. She meets Christian, a stranger in a cafe, who claims that he knows she is unsatisifed with her world, and unhappy in her relationship with her girlfriend, Celia. Unable to be convinced that she is miserable, Anne attempts to move on with her life. However, her religious, conservative parents make it feel almost impossible for her to live day-to-day without feeling judgement. Then Anne befriends Iris, a transgender woman of color. Iris' wit and confidence inspires Anne, and their relationship quickly grows. But the closer Anne gets to Iris, the more Christian continues to show up where he is least expected. He continues to try to convince Anne to face a secret that she is not even aware of. Anne continues to deny the notion that something is wrong with her life, but she begins to see Christian as a mysterious sort of friend. Meanwhile, Celia is pushing for Anne to consider taking their relationship more seriously by moving in together.

As pressure continues to build from her parents and Celia, Anne finds herself at the edge, where Christian is somehow there to save her. He assists her in reflecting and realizing that her purpose and identity was in front of her the whole time.

However, the answer to her prayers may be the downfall of her romance with Celia and the already shaken relationship with her parents. 


Vince Gau

Originally from the town of Clarkston, Washington, Vince Gau is a New Jersey based actor and writer. With heavy influences from artists such as Lady Gaga, Bon Iver, and Joan Jett, he strives to bring complete diversity and a range of emotion to the stage and to his writing. His main focuses include experiences of the LGBT community, faith, and hope in the future. Beginning with writing short stories in elementary school, Vince has always felt inclined to share unique experiences through storytelling. He specializes in genres such as dystopian, LGBT, and science fiction. His writing influences include Gary Paulson, Cherrie Currie, and George Orwell. He found his passion for acting and theatre in high school at age 17 when he began doing shows with the school's drama club. After graduation, he took a year off and moved New Jersey to pursue performing and writing as a career. Most of his professional theater training has come from Broadway Dreams, where he has completed internships and performed on the stage. Some of his non-professionals theatre credits include Mamma Mia!, and Heathers: The Musical. His most notable writing credit is Reflections.


 Bálint Varga

Originally from Budapest, Hungary, Bálint is a NY theater composer, writer, theater artist whose work centers around human relationships and natures observing the individual's complexity and desires that make us human and vulnerable. He started playing piano at age 4. When he turned 17, he moved to Paris where he started his professional work at the Bastille Opera House. He studied composition and conducting at Berklee College of Music. As a teaching artist, he's worked at Broadway Dreams. He performed at Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, Symphony Hall, 54 Below. He's recipient of the Charles Mayer Grant, Finalist of the Jonathan Larson Award. He's a proud mentor of the Dramatist Guild and the Lehman Engel BMI Advanced Musical Theatre Workshop. Bálint also collaborated on Broadway workshops such as Elton John's Tammy Faye or Jim Steinman's Bat Out of Hell, and on Mariah Carey's Christmas show and Forest Whitaker's Benefit Concert. Ongoing projects: d'ILLUSION - The Houdini Musical, Reflections, Where We Rush to Disappear, Gailley and the Tale of the Fate Keeper, Hypatia and the Heathens.


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