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Auditions For Lewiston Workshop of Reflections Set For Early May

In its first-ever workshop performance, Reflections will be coming to Lewiston, Idaho! We thank the Lewiston Civic Theatre for supporting Reflections in the first stages of our developmental journey.

Audition Information

Please, come and audition for a musical theatre workshop production of Reflections, a musical about a transgender experience written by Vincent Gau and Bálint Varga. Auditions will be held at the Lewiston Civic Theatre Office at 2 pm May 6th and 7th. Performances will be August 10th-12th at the old Lewiston High School auditorium. Rehearsals will be Monday-Friday at 6 pm and will start the Monday after auditions. Please provide a pop or contemporary musical theatre song in the style of the show. Audition cuts should be no longer than 90 seconds or 16-32 bars. You must provide your own track, as there will be no piano accompaniment. Be prepared to stay for the entire length of auditions in case you are called back to read or sing after we have seen everyone. In the meantime, please get familiar with the show by visiting our website:


ANNE is a freshman college student who feels incomplete, though she can’t figure out what it might be. She does a great job of trying to hide it from her charming yet narcissistic girlfriend, CELIA, and her religious and conservative parents, MAX and SHERRI. One day, Anne meets a strange yet familiar man, CHRISTIAN, who perfectly pins down everything she feels upon their first meeting. When Christian causes an upheaval of everything Anne thought she knew, she tries to continue with her life without paying Christian too much attention. When she wants to shut everyone out, she meets IRIS, an out-of-this-world, glammed-up shooting star who sees her for what she is but in a gentle way. Iris is everything Anne wishes she could be, and this newfound friend helps Anne on her journey of self-discovery by boosting her up and making her realize her worth. But as Celia bares down on Anne about the future of their relationship, Anne begins to question if she’s ready to commit to a life with someone when she doesn’t even know who she is. When the pressure starts coming in from Christian, her parents, and her girlfriend, Anne has a choice: remain comfortable in silence or embrace the truth of whom she’s meant to be.

Age Notice: This show includes content that might not be suitable for minors to perform, including discussing sexual topics and foul language. If you are under 18, you must have a parent’s permission for your audition. Auditions are not open to those under the age of 16.

We are casting for the parts of:

CHRISTIAN (20) — A transgender male. He is wise, confident, cocky, and often annoying, but he wants the best for ANNE overall. He’s mysterious in an urban way. ANNE transforms into CHRISTIAN, so some similarity with Anne is a plus but not a must. He’s manly. He has a masculine, natural semi-long wig (the same color as ANNE’S) that will be cut in Act 2. Must be played by a non-cisgender actor with the ability to present masculine. Vocal quality: Pop tenor (C3-G4), a “James Arthur” type of edgy voice.

IRIS (29) — Trans feminine person. Anne’s best friend. Proud and loud. Fun, confident, joyful. Must be played by a non-cisgender person who can present femininely. Vocal quality: Wide vocal range (Eb3-C5), but primarily a high tenor. Ability to shift vocal tones between soulful pop and electro-pop music.

CELIA (23) — She’s madly in love with Anne. She’s possessive and verbally abusive. Workaholic. Blunt. Selfish. She’s the dominant one in the relationship. She likes designer clothes, make-up, and looking fashionable. Vocal quality: Belter (A3-D5), gentle mix (F5).

SHERRI (45) — Anne’s loving mother. Very upbeat and supportive. Vocal quality: Alto.

ENSEMBLE - Students, family members, friends, party people, etc.

We are committed to producing a diverse show with a diverse cast. We encourage all persons with different ethnicities, genders, religions, and disabilities to audition. Reflections does not discriminate against anyone based on ethnicity, religion, creed, gender, sex, or disability.

About The Show: Reflections is a piece about a transgender experience inspired by events that affected Vincent's life. While he was only 19, Vincent had overcome many personal struggles regarding being transgender in love, work, school, and family, which inspired Reflections. This story is moving and relevant and would help people understand what anybody who decides to transition must go through emotionally, socially, and physically. The self-doubt, the confusion, the fear, the loneliness, the physical and verbal abuse, the prejudice, and the misperception. An inspiring story about discovering who we are and how we can be that person without being afraid or often ashamed.



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